Manufacturers: Is your Product Content on Par with your Retailers?

Mihir Kittur, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Ugam,

Manufacturers that sell their products directly online can learn a lot from big box retailers on how to better represent their product online.

We recently analyzed the top toys and electronics for the 2016 Holiday Season and found that most manufacturers are missing out on an opportunity to better engage shoppers by simply failing to include key product elements throughout their product pages. For example, we found that the listing of the GroPro HERO5 action camera on the GoPro website did not include important product specifications such as the video capture resolution, weight, and battery information of the product.

This information is crucial to driving sales, especially online, when consumers don’t have the ability to hold the product or see it in person. We recommend having a minimum of five bullets, and our analysis showed that most manufacturers are falling behind retailers in this area.

That’s not all we found though. Using our eCommerce and content expertise, we compiled a base set of guidelines for website product content. The guidelines include information such as how long descriptions should be, the right number of feature bullets, how to incorporate SEO keywords, and more. We then looked at the top trending toys and electronics this season and did a comparison between the product manufacturer sites and the retailer sites.

While retailers scored better overall than manufacturer sites on product content, we still uncovered quite a few opportunities for retailers to improve their content as well. In fact, Target scored the lowest in our analysis as far as meeting the minimum content guidelines. We also found that both manufacturer and retail websites overall need to improve the internal search feature on their sites to make it easier to shop for products.

As consumers continue to favor online shopping, manufacturers and retailers need to make sure that their product pages have relevant, accurate and engaging content. And to do so, they need to get an objective understanding of the gaps in their product content and make the relevant fixes to drive traffic and improve conversions. This is where data and analytics can help give manufacturers and retailers an objective understanding of the gaps in their product content and actionable insights to improve traffic, conversions and the overall shopping experience.

What are the minimum content guidelines so you can ensure you are meeting them? View our report to find out, and also see where the gaps are for the top products of the holiday season.

The Author:
Mihir Kittur is a Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Ugam. He oversees sales, marketing and innovation and works with leading retailers and brands with insights and analytics solutions around their category decisions to improve business performance.


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