Deploy analytics for various problems

Automate pricing with customized rules

Price transparency and growing online product portfolios hinder distributors from pricing right. Keeping up with regular price changes is daunting. Set up Ugam's rule-based pricing tools to understand and automate price changes aligned with strategy.

Real-time access to competitor pricing insights

With more SKUs online now, it is important to have the right price position. Manual methods are unable to gather accurate and timely competitive pricing information at scale. Leverage our advanced pricing dashboard for daily, accurate insights.

Improve margins with price optimization

As distributors succeed with price intelligence or rule-based pricing, they begin to appreciate advanced models. Deploy Ugam's price optimization method which delivers holistic pricing views, not black boxes, to drive effective price changes. 

Improve performance with holistic SKU rationalization

Distributors are often torn between fulfilling buyers' needs and optimizing margins. Ugam's SKU rationalization tool addresses this dilemma by identifying and delisting non-performing SKUs to improve performance.

Increase margins with set optimization

Market challenges are causing distributors to evaluate ways to increase margins. Buyers' orders are proving to be one viable option. Leverage our advanced models to analyze and optimize this ordered set. 

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