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Improve Merchandising Performance through Product Intelligence

Improve conversion with enriched product content

Accurate product content helps buyers make confident purchase decisions. Listing products with incomplete or inaccurate content leads to poor experience. Adopt Ugam's AI-enabled content solutions to enrich product content and improve conversion.

How Product Intelligence Can Help Drive Conversions

Respond to bids faster with automation

RFP deadlines can have tight turnarounds. Responding to them with manual methods is time-consuming and erroneous. Improve bid productivity with Ugam's data-driven method to reduce turnaround time from weeks to days.

Top Five Factors for Taking Advantage of Product Intelligence

Transition smoothly to a robust PIM system

Legacy product information management (PIM) systems are limiting and cannot fulfill today's omnichannel needs. Benefit from Ugam's experience and consultation as we help identify a suitable PIM system and assist in a seamless transition.

Rapidly onboard SKUs with machine learning algorithms

Online research is the first step in the buyer journey. However, many distributors don't have their full product portfolios online. Ugam's machine learning algorithms help automate processes enabling rapid SKU optimization and onboarding.

Improve search with better taxonomy

Buyers expect fast and easy service. A well-organized taxonomy that reflects customer's needs enables easy site navigation. Leverage Ugam's taxonomy expertise to improve item discovery on an eCommerce site.

Improve customer experience with alternates

Buyers evaluate multiple product choices when making purchases.  Lack of or irrelevant choices deliver a poor experience. Distributors can deploy Ugam's data-driven method to identify and provision relevant options for each product. 

Improve bid rate by pricing competitively

Buyers are researching prices online. Depending only on gut to make competitive bids is outdated. Leverage Ugam's competitive insights backed by data and machine learning algorithms to offer price competitive bids at scale and improve conversion. 

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