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There is a lot of buzz about digital. However, in many cases digital initiatives are yet to bear fruit, lack direction or are just non-existent. Brands and manufacturers are spread across a spectrum of “should we do anything?” to “what should we do?” to “are we doing it right?”. They can learn from those guiding digital initiatives to their advantage.

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Lessons from B2C retailers can be a good starting point. Their successes and misses can help guide the “what” and “how” in digital. Brands and manufacturers following suit are beginning to witness digital success. Direct-To-Consumer initiatives and Internet-Of-Things enabled products are some early results.

We've moved from a gut-based method to a data-driven capability to drive product content improvements.
-- Director, Business Development, Multinational Information Technology Company
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We deliver high business impact for several Fortune 500 companies. While our success formula is no secret, applying it well is. We realize each business context is different and obsess about identifying the true problem rather than the symptoms. And then blend our expertise, big data and algorithms to solve that problem. The future of analytics is said to lie in blending human expertise and machine learning to solve business problems. At Ugam, we are constantly helping shape this future.
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Our expertise is in retail, manufacturing and business information services. The advantage of this vertical focus manifests in our deep understanding of the problem and data, and our long-tenured relationships with leading businesses in these verticals. 

Our proprietary big data platform harnesses & synthesizes massive amounts of disparate data. It gathers over 100 mn data points per day from varied data sources. Depending on the problem, we identify relevant data and effectively blend it to deliver actionable insights.

Ugam's JARVIS, a cognitive computing system, is built on proven machine learning algorithms and powers our proprietary big data platform. We tailor its deployment to meet exact needs and deliver superior value through faster, accurate and repeatable insights at scale.

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