Leverage analytics for various problems

Improve online marketplace performance with timely alerts

The importance of online marketplaces is growing. Legal teams need to be aware of any non-compliance in areas like MAP violations, unauthorized sellers and fake goods. Receive Ugam's timely alerts and recommendations to improve performance. 

Diagnose non-performance with scientific rigor

Decline in performance for a category or product is common. It's also not uncommon to have variety of opinions in the room on its cause. However, opinions are just that, opinions. Leverage Ugam's scientific rigor for clear performance insights.

Inform market entry decisions with analytics

Many companies are considering rapid entry into new markets. Relying purely on gut and out-of-the-box secondary research is insufficient. Deploy Ugam's data-driven approach, supplemented with sophisticated algorithms to make confident decisions.

Identify gaps in product portfolio with data-driven insights

With intense competition and a discerning shopper, there is need to constantly identify gaps and introduce relevant products. Bridge the gap by deploying Ugam's data-driven techniques that provide actionable insights to build a compelling portfolio.

Improve category or product level understanding with analytics

Lack intel on what is happening in digital? Leverage Ugam's landscape analysis to get a comprehensive view of the consumer, assortment, marketing, channel and competition for a category or product. This approach will guide decisions to improve performance.

Experience impactful business results

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