Leverage analytics for various problems

Measure marketing campaign effectiveness with analytics

Marketing spends during peak periods are usually very high. However, understanding the effectiveness of these marketing initiatives is often difficult. Deploy Ugam's data-driven approach to track campaign performance and gain actionable insights.

Improve marketing results with customer segmentation

There is a constant need for retailers to have deep and holistic consumer insights. New sources of data are fueling improved customer segmentation. Leverage Ugam's data-driven capabilities to make better decisions about how to target the shopper. 

Inform digital spends through continuous insights

Consumers are beginning shopping journeys online. Understanding these journeys via relevant digital KPIs is key to driving relevant, customer-centric improvements. Deploy Ugam's analytics expertise to guide and improve digital marketing decisions. 

Determine the right media mix with data & analytics

The proliferation of media channels drives the need to measure return on marketing spends. Digital enables accurate measurement. Leverage Ugam's media mix modelling capabilities to effectively use digital and other media to engage consumers better.

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