Leverage our expertise to solve various problems

Reduce Sample Acquisition Costs and improve TAT

Businesses expect accurate and high-quality insights faster. However, procuring sample can be expensive and a time consuming process. Leverage Ugam’s expertise and partnership with sample marketpaces to significantly reduce acquisition cost.

Improve experience across research products

Competition is rife. To differentiate, research & consulting firms need to innovate and improve research experience. Leverage Ugam's domain expertise, process improvements and technology innovation to compete and differentiate research offerings.

Create differentiators by productizing frameworks

Insight consultants have great ideas. But often lack the technology and operational expertise to productize them. Leverage Ugam's technical expertise to build a differentiated offering that reduces cost and time to insights.

Transition smoothly to a state of the art technology stack

Legacy partners and technology can be limiting in this fast-paced, intuitive insights world. Transition to Ugam's optimized, managed Center of Excellence with our playbook for a well-planned, efficient and seamless shift.

Centralize operations for better customer satisfaction

Some Firms operate in a decentralized model. However, this can lead to inefficiency and inconsistent customer experience. Invest in Ugam's Center of Excellence to centralize operations across technologies, partners and geographies.

Partner with a proven firm on strategic initiatives

Successful partnerships are important, especially for key initiatives. Partner with Ugam, as we have delivered several wins through our optimized, self-managed operations, building & integrating capabilities, developing & deploying new product offerings.

Integrate operations to get economies of scale

To expand capabilities, research & consulting firms continue to acquire new companies. This is resulting in some overlap of resources among merging firms.  Leverage Ugam's capabilities to successfully integrate operations post acquisition

Experience impactful business results

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