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Identify the right technology for consumer insight needs

The rising importance of technology-driven insights and proliferation of insights platforms has made it extremely complex for CTOs to identify the right technology. Consult with Ugam to understand this and make confident decisions that support needs. 

Transition smoothly to a new platform with proven playbook

While platform transition can be costly and demanding, it is very important for firms to stay up-to-date with data gathering tools. Utilize Ugam's platform transition playbook for a well-planned, efficient and seamless transition.

Enable quick adoption of new technology with our support

Firms often fail to maximize ROI from their technology investments. Expecting good ROI just by launching a new platform is wishful. It requires quick adoption and effective management. Leverage Ugam's post implementation support to maximize ROI.

Improve efficiency by integrating multiple technologies

When technologies operate independently, it's usage is mostly random and arbitrary. Unlock full potential by integrating multiple layer technology stacks into a cohesive ecosystem with Ugam's technology expertise.

Innovate & custom develop with our expertise

In the absence of a technology DNA, organizations are often slow to innovate and develop new products. Benefit from Ugam's varied technology expertise to continuously develop new products and maintain an edge over competition.

Generate better insights by improving respondent experience

The research industry has relied on recall based methods to gather insights. However, this can be limiting. Ugam analyzes in the moment responses by conceiving simulated environments to predict how respondents will behave to stimuli.

Expand capabilities to manage big data and deliver insights

The advent of digital and proliferation of data sources are pressurizing research firms to adapt. Leverage Ugam's data-management capabilities to gather and blend multiple data sources and deliver insights via business intelligence tools.

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