Case Studies

[Quick read] Leveraging AI/ML to analyze feedback and improve customer experience

Explore how Ugam, a Merkle company, leverages AI/ML to analyze feedback to deliver superior experience.

[Quick read] Reducing financial risk with money laundering detection

Learn how a leading U.S. bank effectively reduced money laundering crimes by reviewing customer relationships and activities.

[Quick read] Detecting check transaction fraud using fraud identification models

Learn how a leading U.S. bank leveraged a data-driven fraud identification model to detect fraud and saved $100MN+ in fraud losses.

[Quick read] Optimizing margins with competitive price intelligence at scale

Learn how a multinational computer technology company optimized their daily price position through timely insights

[Quick read] Helping a leading U.S. retailer scale analytics across functions

Learn how Ugam helped a leading U.S. retailer drive impact across multiple functions by scaling analytics.

[Quick Read] Delivering skilled resources for a leading technology company

Learn how Ugam helped a technology company meet their business objectives by delivering skilled resources cost-effectively.

[Quick Read] Building next-gen analytics capabilities for a specialty retailer

Learn how a leading specialty retailer gained a 11% improvement in open rates through personalized marketing.

[Quick read] Building a data infrastructure to deliver a “single source of truth”

Learn how a leading US retailer measured the value of their online customers by building a robust data infrastructure

[Quick read] Optimize and modernize research operations to make it future ready

Learn how Ugam is helping a global consulting firm optimize and modernize operations to make it future ready.

[Quick read] Inform merchandizing decisions with comprehensive competitor intelligence

Learn how a leading U.S. retailer leveraged competitor insights to inform decisions around assortment, pricing, and inventory.