Case Studies

Drive growth through better consumer understanding

Learn how a leading US pet care brand saw a 5% to 10% increase in sales from new customer segments through targeted marketing actions.

Drive growth through digital shelf analytics

Learn how a large US luxury and beauty brand saw a $5MN increase in sales from their channel partner by improving their performance through the monitoring of digital KPIs.

Ok AI, where is my superhero?

Watch AI experts talk about how Ugam’s AI capabilities can help deliver a seamless eCommerce experience and drive impact for leading businesses. This was presented at Machine Learning Developers Summit 2020.

Distributor Improves Search Experience With Better Product Content

Learn how a large IT distributor improved conversion by 7% using a data-driven framework to onboard and enrich product information.

Better Digital Product Content Across Channel Partners Improves Traffic and Revenue

Learn how this technology manufacturer accelerated its digital transformation by improving product content across their channel partners’ eCommerce platforms.

Large IT Distributor Makes Better Pricing Decisions With Data-Driven Insights

Learn how a large IT distributor improved sales and margins with data-driven pricing insights.

A Leading US Retailer Analyses Customer Reviews to Build Customer-Centric Products

Learn how a leading US retailer analysed customer sentiment to get pragmatic insights which would aid its private label product development.

[Quick Read] Leverage Digital Intelligence For Better Decisions

Learn how a large luxury conglomerate is improving their digital performance by monitoring digital KPIs across markets and channels.

[Quick Read] Rapidly Onboard And Enrich SKUs With Machine Learning

Learn how a leading department store improved its online revenue growth of 40% year-on-year by leveraging machine learning capabilities.

[Quick Read] Protect And Retain Customers Using Consumer Insights

Learn how a U.S. retailer leveraged quantitative data and survey analytics to improve customer retention.