Case Studies

[Quick read] Inform merchandizing decisions with comprehensive competitor intelligence

Learn how a leading U.S. retailer leveraged competitor insights to inform decisions around assortment, pricing, and inventory.

[Quick read] Augmenting in-house teams to aid research operations

Learn how Ugam is helping a leading US technology company augment their in-house research capabilities and optimize their research operations

[Quick read] Improving analytics capability by building a single unified platform

Learn how Ugam helped a retailer scale analytics capability by create a single source of truth data platform.

[Quick read] Developing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for NAs largest non-profit

Learn how Ugam developed an end-to-end IaC pipeline to help an organization develop, deploy and scale cloud applications with speed.

[Quick read] Improve performance with automated, actionable business insights

Learn how a leading U.S. retailer leveraged machine learning to inform decisions and improve online performance.

[Quick read] Optimize marketing ROI with equitable multi-touch attribution

Learn how a Fortune 500 bank leveraged multi-touch attribution to better inform marketing decisions.

Drive growth through better consumer understanding

Learn how a leading US pet care brand saw a 5% to 10% increase in sales from new customer segments through targeted marketing actions.

Drive growth through digital shelf analytics

Learn how a large US luxury and beauty brand saw a $5MN increase in sales from their channel partner by improving their performance through the monitoring of digital KPIs.

Ok AI, where is my superhero?

Watch AI experts talk about how Ugam’s AI capabilities can help deliver a seamless eCommerce experience and drive impact for leading businesses. This was presented at Machine Learning Developers Summit 2020.

Distributor Improves Search Experience With Better Product Content

Learn how a large IT distributor improved conversion by 7% using a data-driven framework to onboard and enrich product information.