Leverage analytics for various problems

Improve marketing spend effectiveness with AI

In today's omnichannel world, achieving great marketing results can be difficult and is hard work. Ugam's AI-enabled analytics approach helps retailers better understand, attribute and optimize marketing spends for desired impact.

Improve marketing results with customer segmentation

There is a constant need for retailers to have deep and holistic consumer insights. New sources of data are fueling improved customer segmentation. Leverage Ugam's data-driven capabilities to make better decisions about how to target the shopper. 

Improve ROI with targeted coupon campaigns

Coupons are a great way to acquire new customers and drive conversion. But, maximizing their ROI is a challenge. Improve coupon effectiveness by using Ugam's analytical framework to present the right offer to the right customer at the right time. 

Measure marketing campaign effectiveness with analytics

In today's hyper-competitive world, there is a need to make marketing investments work. However, truly understanding its effectiveness can be difficult. Deploy Ugam's data-driven approach to track campaign performance and gain actionable insights.

Understand drivers for purchase consideration

Marketers often wonder what specific actions need to be taken to improve purchase consideration. Deploy Ugam-built simulators to understand drivers of consideration by analyzing customer data through sophisticated networks and Baysian models. 

Inform marketing programs with competitive intelligence

Timely knowledge of a competitor's marketing initiatives during the holiday season is vital. During this busy period, using conventional and manual methods is often ineffective. Deploy Ugam's competitive intelligence services to stay ahead. 

Guide decisions based on online traffic forecasts

Leaders depend on regular traffic forecasts to predict business performance. However, these forecast reports are often way off the mark. Leverage Ugam's accurate data-driven traffic forecasting reports to guide business decisions confidently.

Protect and retain customers using consumer insights

In a dynamic, transparent and competitive world, being customer-centric is imperative. However, understanding customer needs in this dynamic world is difficult. Ugam's survey capabilities can meaningfully leverage consumer insights to help businesses make better decisions.

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