Leverage analytics for various problems

Automate pricing with customized rules

In a transparent, dynamic and competitive world, retailers need to ensure they are pricing their ever-growing SKUs correctly. Deploy Ugam's advanced pricing tools which offer recommendations on a daily basis to stay competitive.

Improve margins by rationalizing SKUs

One of the key priorities for retailers is improving margins. Ugam's SKU rationalization tool helps retailers identify and delist non-performing SKUs, to maximize margins.

Inform decisions based on AI-enabled product line reviews

Most often product line reviews are done manually, in silos, and based on internal data. Resulting in a lot of missed insights and opportunities. AI aided by human expertise can help produce superior, systematic and holistic product line reviews.

Improve private label performance

Private labels help retailers compete better. Ugam's sophisticated algorithms can help push this to the next level by uncovering insights around trending products, price gaps, trending attributes, customer feedback, etc.

Inform competitive speed to market

Onboarding SKUs online later than the competition can be disastrous. This can result in a loss of sales and, even worse, cause a loyal customer to go to a competitor. Deploy Ugam's analytics to improve speed to market and overall performance. 

Improve private label product quality

Customer feedback and reviews can help inform the next generation of products. However, these data sources are often under-leveraged. Access far superior insights as Ugam blends multiple data sources and algorithms to improve product quality.

Experience impactful business results

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