Leverage analytics for various problems

Improve conversion with enriched product content

Accurate product content helps buyers make confident purchase decisions. Listing products with incomplete or inaccurate content leads to poor experience. Adopt Ugam's AI-enabled approach to enrich content and improve conversion.

Onboard and enrich SKUs with machine learning algorithms

Online SKUs with inaccurate and incomplete product data can lead to a poor customer experience. Ugam's machine learning capabilities can significantly accelerate the onboarding and enrichment of SKUs, and improve the overall customer experience.

Improve product search with better taxonomy

Shoppers expect a reliable online experience to guide them through their purchase. A well-organized taxonomy which meets this expecation is essential. Leverage Ugam's taxonomy expertise to improve the "search and find" experience. 

Use algorithms to assure image compliance

Maintaining image standards is crucial to appearing in search results. However, cleaning and detecting non-compliant images at scale is a cumbersome task. Deploy Ugam's JARVIS, a cognitive computing system, to detect and correct images at scale.

Transition smoothly to a robust PIM system

Legacy product information management (PIM) systems are limiting and cannot fulfill today's omnichannel needs. Benefit from Ugam's experience and consultation as we help identify a suitable PIM system and assist in a seamless transition.

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